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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let the Fun Begin!

The time has come to finally welcome our friends from Toyonaka, Japan to our great city of San Mateo. It seems like last October was an eternity ago when we chose our 20 San Mateo All-Stars to represent the San Mateo Sister City Association as part of the 50th Anniversary Cultural Exchange.

After spending two days in Los Angeles to acclimate themselves with the California weather, the team flew to north to San Francisco and arrived this afternoon.
Grabbing all of their luggage, the group of 39 (20 baseball players and 19 chaperones) boarded a bus en-route to meet their new friends from San Mateo. A small bite to eat was had and then it was on to the fun...coming together like any other group of 11-12 year old boys would do.

The boys from Toyonaka are now sound asleep where they will call home for the next six days. We all look forward to a wonderful exchange, filled with fun and games...speaking of games. Game 1 is tomorrow, Wednesday at 5PM at Trinta Park. We look forward to seeing everyone out there to celebrate.

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