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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This is the Best Italian Food in the WORLD!

Good evening all. We had our first full day in Japan and spent it touring Hiroshima. We began the day with a bus ride to Miyajima Island which included a ferry ride there and back.

From Miyajima Island, we stopped off for a pizza lunch which is where the quote of the trip came from. Post meal, a conversation between a couple of the boys was overheard which contained, "this is the best Italian food in the world!" Folks, you have heard the saying, when in Rome, do as the Romans? Well, here in Japan, the new saying should be, when in Japan, eat the Italian food!

After lunch, we went to the Peace Memorial Park. There, we toured an interesting museum that taught us about the devastation that took place when the bombing in 1945 took place. We all learned a great deal. Before we left the Peace park, we learned from our tour guide about the significance of origami cranes which culminated into each one of us completing a crane of our own.

Tomorrow, we are taking the bullet train with a finale destination into Toyonaka where the boys will meet their host families and begin their journeys into the homes of a new culture. More to come tomorrow.

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