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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Toyonaka, Here we Come!

We started the day off with a great breakfast at our hotel in Hiroshima. From there, we boarded the fastest bullet train bound for Himeji. Once in Himeji, we got off the train and took a bus to a national treasure and a UNESCO world heritage site, Himeji Castle, otherwise nicknamed japan's "white heron". The castle was on a huge piece of land and more amazing is that it remains mostly intact. After we climbed to the top of the castle for some wonderful views of the city, we had some lunch and then boarded the bullet train once again, bound for our final destination, Toyonaka.

The Toyonaka delegation was awaiting our arrival, and once we got there, they had a banner welcoming San Mateo home.

After our welcome, we left the train station for the Toyonaka gymnasium where the boys would met their host families for the first time. Below are photos of each set of boys meeting their host families.

Tomorrow, we will all tour Toyonaka City Hall and then the games will begin. First pitch of game one is scheduled for 5PM local time. More to come with a game recap. Wish us luck and take care.

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