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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hajimemashte NAME HERE des, Dozo Ya Roshiku (Hello, My Name is NAME HERE, It Is Nice To Meet You)

Last night, the boys had some free time before bed…so naturally, a card game broke out and goldfish was denomination of choice. Unclear who made out best, but the team enjoyed some nice free time with their teammates!

Today, we left hotel to meet our new and old friends in Toyonaka! Because of the Obon Festival we hit some traffic along the way, but managed to make in time for lunch. And by lunch, I’m talking about the Japanese delicacy…McDonalds! Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, Teriyaki Burgers and Shrimp Burgers oh my! Oh, and nothing completes a trip to McDonalds without a visit from Ronald McDonald himself (all the way from Tokyo).

Following lunch, we boarded the busses and made our way to the Toyonaka Recreation Center where our friends and host families were awaiting our arrival. Imagine a high school dance…boys on one side of the room and the host families on the other…both trying to figure out what was about to happen!

Pair by pair, our boys introduced themselves in Japanese to their new families for the next week. There were some hugs, but for the most part some apprehensive handshake a plenty! In one weeks time, those handshakes will all turn to hugs and many a tears!

Our boys are now in the hands of their new families, learning what it’s like to live in Japan. Tomorrow, the group will reconvene at City Hall for an opportunity to meet the Toyonaka Mayor followed by game one at Rose Stadium. From here on out, the trip begins now.

Oyasuminasai (Good Night)

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